The Companion Cube

**Item #: SCP-990

**Object Class: Safe

**Special Containment Procedures:Item #:SCP-990 has no Special Containment Procedures.

**Description: At first glance, the "Companion Cube" may look to be just an ordinary steel box-like figure, with an ordinary pink heart in the middle. When looked at closer, it seems to not be ordinary at all. SCP-990 seems to be indestructible, yet tests are still being finished to confirm the indestructibility. SCP-990 can be used as a shield from large blasts,or explosions, and can also be used as a stool for standing on to increase the height of the user. SCP-990 was found in New York, New York in an old abandoned well, close to the Empire State Building. There seem to be no negative effects on any human being who used, or will use SCP-990.

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