Welcome Applicant

You are here because you've expressed a desire to join the SCP Foundation. Membership is privileged to those applicants who express writing skills capable of producing quality, original work. Two of which you will need to produce here first before applying to the Foundation. If found favorable, they will be assigned Item #'s and catalouged, you will then be granted full membership.

Please refer to the guides for examples and requirements of SCP material.

Application Process

  • Step-1 - Begin by creating a wikidot.com profile. Its free and only requires a valid email. You will recieve no spam.
  • Step-2 - Join the applicant pool. Apply for membership here first.
  • Step-3 - Read the How to's and guidlines for information on how to create an article.
  • Step-4 - Create an applicant profile here. Tell us who you "are" and create links to your application articles. Two quality articles are necessary.
  • Step-5 - Submit an application to the SCP Foundation. Await decision from an Admin.
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