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As seen in one of the few images of the attack on █████ by SCP-X while moving through on-site staff quarters, the being is difficult to digitally record; it moves rapidly and seems to coalesce into a solid form only when directly observed.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to remain contained in a Faraday cage of any design that contains at least two (2) cubic meters of volume and no more than four (4) cubic meters of volume and permits visible light more than fifty percent (%50) penetration of the interior. The container in which SCP-XXX is held is to be placed in a room plated in lead of no less than three (3) centimeters thickness. SCP-XXX's cage is to be externally electrified to any voltage exceeding two-hundred fifty (250) volts and not exceeding two-thousand (2000) volts for safety reasons. SCP is to be spotlighted by no fewer than four (4) light sources arranged about the room, which should total no less than twenty-thousand (20 000) lumens per meter at the surface of SCP-XXX's enclosure. Pending further review, the requirement that SCP-XXX also be exposed to constant full-body irradiation equivalent of up to seven (7) Gy of exposure has been dropped, unless SCP-XXX attempts escape.

SCP-XXX is to be considered highly dangerous and intelligent, and has already attempted or succeeded breach of containment on four (4) seperate occasions as of ██-██-████. It has also attacked and disrupted the containment of ███████ on two seperate occasions. SCP-XXX is to be permitted up to three (3) Class D Personnel for the purposes of consumption during any given month; it seems to require no more sustenance than that. SCP-XXX is to be allowed to choose from a selection of up to three (3) Class D personnel at any given feeding; all potential Class D selections must be known to be guilty of violent crimes. SCP-XXX's enclosure is to be cleaned one (1) time each month by Class D personnel, who must be terminated upon completing their task, and incinerated according to █████████.

Description:SCP-XXX is of unknown age or composition. SCP-XXX came to the attention of SCP when it breached security at the facility containing SCP-682. SCP-XXX appears to be of similar composition as SCP-017 and may be similar to SCP-277. SCP-XXX was subdued by security personnel after nine (9) casualties. SCP-XXX, notably, seems to have suffered little long-term damage from the amount of damage it sustained during the attack, despite the fact that its 'body' was reduced to shreds observed to be roughly equivalent to one-tenth its original observed size. While SCP-XXX is similar to many other Keter-class objects in regards to its ultimate durability, it seems to lack the destructiveness or sheer persistence of many similar SCP objects; sustained gunfire and exposure to high-energy discharges over a period of less than five (5) minutes proved sufficient to disable the being for a period of two hours, during which an ad hoc containment procedure was erected.

The first attempted containment of SCP-XXX was based primarily on its apparent similarities to SCP-017 and SCP-517, both Keter-class objects with some resemblance to SCP-XXX's initial form. The 'shroud', being the only intact portion of the being's body, was moved to a concrete vault and placed inside a transleucent enclosure intended for the study of lab animals, and was then spotlighted with several thousand lumens of lighting equipment. Approximately two (2) hours and ten (10) minutes after SCP-XXX was subdued, its 'body' began to rapidly reform, taking the appearance of a large snake-like creature (this has since been observed to be one of the being's 'favorite' forms). It easily broke from the enclosure, and though it seemed perturbed by the bright lighting of the room, it was not halted in attempting to breach SCP-682's containment; this was to be the first of its attempts to escape. SCP-XXX demonstrated here the ability to travel through solid matter with no apparent harm to the matter or itself, as it passed through several feet of concrete on its way back toward the aforementioned secured object. It was fortunately stopped by a lead barrier, and subdued again more efficiently with one (1) non-fatal casualty.

Having learned that denser matter greatly prohibits SCP-XXX's ability to travel, it was transferred to a lead-lined vault intended originally for protection from ████████. This did not completely prevent the next two attempts of SCP-XXX to escape.

At this point in time (██-██-████), SCP-XXX appeared to calm considerably, and demonstrated what is probably its most dangerous feature by far. Compared to all the aforementioned SCP's to which it has been compared, SCP-XXX demonstrates an above-average level of both intelligence and charm, at least when it is not actively focused on tasks of destruction. Despite having caused ten (10) casualties during its stay, and having attempted two (2) times to actively breach the containment of one of the facility's most durable and malicious objects, it was able in the span of ██ months to convince several members of SCP staff (who have since been detained and are being studied prior to termination), to not only assist the fourth and final attempt of SCP-XXX to escape, but to submit to an as-yet-unknown process involving physical contact with SCP-XXX. While different staff members have reacted in different manners to this 'ritual', none seem at all opposed to allowing SCP-XXX to run loose despite its dangerous qualities, and many seem to have significantly altered personalities. The terms of its containment were also negotiated by SCP-XXX, and have of course proven inadequate. It has been suggested that they be revised by a foreign SCP agent prior to any further attempts to recapture SCP-XXX.


SCP-XXX has the following known traits, and it is absolutely vital that it be recovered and contained:

SCP-XXX can shift form, and it has no particularly strong preferences as to gender, size, or shape.

SCP-XXX appears to be composed of 'shadow', but can resist exposure to visible light up until around the range of direct sunlight.

SCP-XXX is sentient and cunning; while it has not cooperated in most intelligence testing, it is assumed to be of at least standard human intelligence.

SCP-XXX has an obsession with most biological SCP's and all sentient SCP's. This leads us to the next, most important point.

SCP-XXX appears to have the ability to absorb information directly from beings it comes into contact with, or at least is within a certain range of. SCP-XXX has acquired at least a partial knowledge of the other SCP's and the objects that they contain, and now SCP has two concerns: keeping the restricted objects in, and keeping SCP-XXX out. Please see the attached document SCP-XXX 3a for protocols necessary to counter-act SCP-XXX, and a list of suspected at-risk facilities and objects.

At this time, SCP-XXX appears to pose a direct oppositional threat to the organization, and must be countered before it causes further contamination, destruction, or failures of containment. SCP-XXX could well strike any facility at any time, and many of the being's suspected targets could well prove hazardous to humanity as a whole if released. Updates pending reports from E-X personnel assigned to recapturing the being.

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