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While a simple and seemingly benign object, SCP-XXX has been implicated in at least one historic event, and its potentially pervasive, destructive effects over the years is unknown.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept within secure containment at all times. There are no particular requirements for space or construction of object's container, if any; the primary requirement is merely that the object be locked away from touch or sight by personnel. The object is not to be removed unless under 05 orders, and all further study of SCP-XXX has been suspended.

Description: SCP-XXX, or as it has been colloqiually known in collector's circles prior to SCP containment, the Anarchist's Fuse, is a simple twine-like fuse intended for igniting explosives. The object dates back to at least 1605, when it was recovered from the scene of the infamous Gun-Powder Plot. Over the years, SCP-XXX has changed hands numerous times, with its whereabouts unknown for large portions of time. Eventually, the fuse was found to be part of a historical collection in the estate of ██████ ██████, who expired of a stroke during an (unconcluded) covert investigation into treasonous activities in █████████. SCP was able to discreetly acquire the object, where it was sent to Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76.

It has been famously stated that Guy Fawkes, charged with detonating the explosives, was unable to light the fuse due to water contamination and age, and thus was apprehended before he was able to enact the plot by himself and other conspirators (most notably Robert Catesby) to blow up British Parliament. Cursory examination of SCP-XXX suggests that this might not be the case; though chemical analysis of the object reports that it should readily burn, attempts to ignite samples of the fuse have all failed; it has also notably survived several hundred years in an apparently intact state. Outside of these curious properties, however, SCP-XXX appeared to have no other special properties. It was filed away and a motion submitted to have the object reclassified as safe.

As the object appeared to be of no further significance, all █ Level 2/XXX personnel tasked with investigating SCP-XXX were reassigned to other projects. However, before the object could be fully catalogued based on the initial observations, it was noted that the personnel who had direct contact with SCP-XXX exhibited increased agitation and paranoia of, evidently, perceived figures of authority, ultimately resulting in █ violent outbursts towards Level 4 command on site. All involved personnel were detained and forced to submit to psychological counselling; all made complete recoveries within ██ days, with those having reported handling the object most having the longest recovery times (it is notable that time spent handling SCP-XXX corresponded only to length of recovery, not severity of symptoms; it has been suggested that SCP-XXX only amplifies feelings of distrust, rather than inspiring them. See [DATA EXPUNGED]).

While SCP-XXX could be perceived as posing a direct threat to SCP command, the relatively minor and reversible effects of the fuse have inspired some debate as to its security classification. Proposals as to how to destroy SCP-XXX, given its abnormal resistance to oxidization, have been submitted to Level 4 personnel and merely await a final decision from 05 command.

As a final aside on the history of the object, it seems reasonable to conjecture that the increasingly fanatical and deranged activities of the members of the Gun-Powder Plot might have been due in part to prolonged exposure to SCP-XXX, culminating in Guy Fawkes' unsuccesful attempt to blow himself up along with the perceived authoritative threat.

Addendum: As of ██-██-████, SCP-XXX has been slated for attempted destruction via acidic solution, which proved viable in destroying samples of the Anarchist's Fuse during initial testing. 05-█ has approved this action over the objections of proposals to weaponize SCP-XXX.

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