Marble Of Solitude

Item #: SCP-248

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-248 shall be kept in a locked box, with a 5 digit lock, as well as a key which Dr. M█████████ shall be the keeper of. Any persons wishing to experiment with SCP-248 must submit an experiment application to Dr. M█████████. If handling, to prevent activation, gloves with █████████ protection are recommended. Do not allow SCP-248 to touch skin unless activation is desired. Note: SCP-248 may be a portal to an alternate dimension, instead of a bubble universe as previously thought. See [Addendum 248-A].

SCP-248 is a small glass marble, not unlike those used by children. The object has a red 'toothpaste' design on the inside. SCP-248 was found by Dr. M█████████ in an investigation regarding █████████ radiation in the █████████ territory of Canada. The marble was found in the remains of a shelter, in a tin box of similar looking marbles.

SCP-248, when touched, transports the subject to an area which the subject feels is his area of 'solitude,' suggesting that SCP-248 has some telepathic abilities, however, it is unlikely to be sentient. At first, it was assumed to create a bubble universe unique to each subject, but due to recent tests, it seems that the marble is a link to another planet.


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