History Changing Pen

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Item #: SCP-453 (Temporary Designation)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-453 is to be kept in a locked box, with a 5 digit lock, using alphanumeric characters. The box shall be kept in the office of Dr. M████████. Because of the nature of SCP-453, any planned experimentation on the object must have the written permission of Dr. ███████████, as well as a detailed report of planned activities, and be presented to Dr. M████████, who must also give consent and approval, as well as be a monitor of SCP-453 during experimentation.

All persons wishing to preform an experiment of SCP-453 shall report to Dr. ███████████ to receive a vaccine that will protect from the time displacement.

SCP-453 was found during an investigation in the ████████ regions of Canada, on ██/██/████. The object was located in a wooden cabin, which at the time was giving off high levels of ████████ particles. SCP-453 was one of the sources of said radiation, along with a frozen body, whose I.D. gives as [DATA EXPUNGED] of ████████.

Upon experimentation, SCP-453 seems to be capable of changing the outcome of a historical event. The process by which the object is able to do so is currently unknown. The pen seems to have been used once, as a notebook found along with the pen, as well as a history book (which, after ████ does not resemble our own), to change the outcome of the ████ election. When the user of SCP-453 writes in the format described in Document 453-093, the outcome of said event will change, resulting in a drastically different history that if said event had occurred. However, this process is not perfect, as an experiment by Dr. M████████ showed [see Addendum 453-A], and imperfections (such as evidence of alternate history) will remain.

SCP-453 cannot change the outcome of wars, assassinations, etc., directly. It seems that if the a direct end result will lead in the non-existence of a person, or birth of a person, the object does not work.

Addendum: 453-A
Dr. M████████: I used SCP-453 to test the apparent imperfections in the historical readjustment process. It seems that when I changed the result of the election of ████, a photograph of a newspaper did not readjust to the new history. I had planned to have Agents ████████ and ████████ destroy all evidence, but they ingeniously managed to have all history books describe it as a misprint. I have recommended Agents ████████ and ████████ for promotion.

Note: 453-001
Dr. M████████: If anyone else submits an experiment report planning to change the outcome of sporting events or horse races in order to gain money, I will have them transferred to research SCP-776 and SCP-777 to test their luck there.

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