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Sproangia of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Trays containing the mycelium of SCP-XXXX are to be kept sealed, at a constant temperature of 36°C (96.8 °F). Level 1 personnel and above are to wear over-pressured hazmat suits when opening, examining, or otherwise handling the trays. Replacement of growth culture is to occur once weekly, with new cerebral and spinal tissue to be obtained from Porcine or Murine sources. Under no circumstances should the culture contain human cerebral tissue.


SCP-XXXX is a parasitic fungus, possibly of the family Ophiocordycipitaceae.

Inhaled spores are believed to infect the lining of the lungs, eventually disseminating into the blood and cerebrospinal fluid which carry the spores to the host's brain. There, the fungus forms a relationship with the neurons of the host. This results, in the case of living subjects in an ability to communicate lucidly through unknown, possibly telepathic means. The purpose of the oral-oral hyphal mass is theorized to be a method of nutrient transfer between the fungal colonies of separated hosts.



SCP-XXXX was recovered from an ex-Soviet biological weapons lab in the Republic of ██████, on ██/██/20██ (during the civil war.)
Two members of █ team ("J." and "R.") were infected with the fungus during the investigation of Laboratory Ф-12. After several hours, the infected were observed to become very quiet and non-social. The team leader suspected Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and elected to ignore the behavior. On the return route, J. let out a scream that Dr. ████ described after listening to the black box recording as "…piercing but consistent. That's not pain, it's an announcement." J. attempted to open the cockpit door but was restrained by others, resulting in further infections. Upon landing, Dr. ████, alerted by the alarm signal, lead a suited team of Level 1 personnel in quarantining the remaining personnel on board. Quarantine procedures were carried out without resistance, the entire body of █ team already infected.

Experiment XXXX-01

Spores of SCP-XXXX around a human neuron

Under the supervision of Dr. ████, the brain of a fatally injured D Class staff member was recovered and infected with SCP-XXXX and kept in a shallow (1cm) pool of nutrient culture. After a period of 2 hours, the brain was dissected and examined by Dr. ████, with electron micrographs taken.

The fungus integrates at a sub-cellular with the neurons. It pierces the cells. It doesn't
appear to be feeding on the neurons, just... interfacing with them?
- Dr. ████

Experiment XXXX-02

An intact head of another fatally injured D Class staff member was obtained and infected by Dr. ████. Dr. Stevens and Dr. Brenner were invited to participate in the experiment. The head was kept "alive" through a series of feeding tubes. The head, even with a non-functioning brain, was kept from rotting in this manner. The infected head was placed in a sealed 2m3 perspex box, with Dr.'s Stevens, Brenner, and ████ observing in an observation room. After 2 hours of uneventful observation, Dr.'s Stevens and ████ noticed an expressionless gaze on Dr. Brenner, and he was unresponsive to to either Dr.'s. Dr. Brenner left the room, ignoring the others, and entered the containment room, removed the head from the box and brought its mouth to his. Hyphae were observed very rapidly growing into Dr. Brenner's mouth, making the eyes and cheeks of the head become sunken.

It was repulsive, yet hypnotic at the same time. The fungus must have been drawing its nutrients from the rest
of the head to feed the massive growth of hyphae it extended into Dr. Brenner. Dr. ████ and I were too
entranced to do anything but stare. I heard Dr. Brenner's voice just behind me. I knew it wasn't really there
because it was calmer and more serene than I know it to be. Dr. Brenner was connecting to something.
He knew what he was doing. I just hope we do, too.
- Dr. Stevens

I could hear Dr. Brenner's voice somewhere in my skull. It was him, but with something else.
Something so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes to describe it.
I wanted to join them.
I still do.
-Dr. ████


Dr. ████ was found dead on 05/30/20██. A mass of fungus seemingly choked Dr. ████ to death. The office, with the body, was irradiated, before its contents were incinerated. The fungus is suspected to have killed Dr. ████ after being unable to find another infected host to connect with. All experiments involving human cerebral tissue are hereby prohibited.
- Dr. Stevens.

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