Claudia The Ghost
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SCP-XXX, after much deliberating and arguing, finally agreeing to pose for a picture.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Eucelid (With proper counseling, SCP-XXX may be considered safe eventually)

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-XXX is currently kept at site 17 in a 5m x 5m room monitored by infrared camera, with attached bathroom complete with shower and bathtub, furnished as per request, containing a queen sized bed, several SUMO brand furniture items, two armchairs, a desk and swivel chair, several bookcases and a TV with a DVD player. The bookcases are filled with various books, primarily adventure novels, harlequin romances, and art books. She is allowed DVDs of various movies and TV shows predating her arrival at the SCP facility, and may request new material to be reviewed every so often. Although SCP-XXX does not wear clothing much of the time, she is to be allowed a wardrobe of whatever clothes she requests, as well as makeup and wigs for her own amusement. She receives three standard meals a day, and may ask for certain items beyond her normal nutrition-focused diet when she wants, professing a liking of apple bread dough, pomegranates, and chocolate frosting.

SCP-XXX's room must remain locked while she is within, and at least two staff members must check her door for any sign of tampering every hour. The door may primarily be unlocked to allow staff to and from her room. SCP-XXX enjoys company and casually chats and flirts with staff who bring meals and other items, although staff are cautioned from developing too much of an attachment or attraction.

SCP-XXX is allowed to leave the room provided that they are accompanied by at least one staff member of at least Level-2 security and must apply a layer of grease paint to their face and wear gloves, to indicate hands and facial expression. Staff is urged not to say anything should SCP-XXX chose to leave her room nude, and crude remarks are frowned upon. Should SCP-XXX attempt violent action or escape, they are to be restrained immediately and returned to their room, with the door securely locked.

Should SCP-XXX successfully disappear from under the staff's nose, infrared 'heat vision' goggles will be dispensed and strange occurrences must be reported immediately as signs of her. For security reasons, SCP-XXX is not allowed contact with any other SCPs as of yet.

Description: SCP-XXX is an adult/young adult female, standing at 164cm tall, and 55kg in weight. Despite being a seemingly average woman between the age of 19 and 25, SCP-XXX is completely invisible. This also includes everything inside her body at any given moment, although her waste products and saliva appear once they lose contact with her. But her blood, skin, and hair samples all remain inexplicably invisible. SCP-XXX describes herself as being an average female of mixed race, with brown eyes and wavy black hair, and refers to herself as Claudia, although it is highly likely that this is a false name taken from the actor Claude Raynes, in The Invisible Man. Her true identity has not been judged.

Aside from her invisibility, SCP-XXX has no unusual traits other than immense skill in picking locks, theft, and has been observed swallowing small objects in order to turn them invisible, displaying the ability to regurgitate them at will without dispensing all the contents of her stomach, as well, a trick she claims she came up with after watching a Stevie Starr performance on a late-night show.

SCP-XXX was recovered in ████████████, after local news and rumors about a poltergeist inhabiting an abandoned house drew attention of SCP staff in the area. After infrared cameras revealed that she still gave off a human heat signature, SCP-XXX was quickly captured and after much deliberation willingly entered into SCP custody, asking for warm food and protection from the elements. It's been theorized that she had been living on the street and in abandoned buildings for several years, although SCP-XXX had adamantly refused to discuss such things. Two deaths and several apparent places of 'ghost activity' have also been attributed to her.

When first recovered, SCP-XXX showed signs of mental instability and violent outbursts, as well as compulsive theft and bouts of refusing to speak for several days on end. Traditional counseling methods have helped reduce the frequency and severity of such issues, and it's theorized that with more time SCP-XXX may heal from the trauma of years of not being seen and being completely alone.

It has been suggested that SCP-XXX be introduced to other SCPs, as human contact appears to be quite pleasing, and she greatly enjoys being acknowledged without being seen as strange. When ignored, SCP-XXX does not seem to demand attention, but rather toys with people by rearranging things and hiding things. When left alone with somebody who is sleeping or otherwise distracted, it should be noted that SCP-XXX will touch and stroke a sleeping person, tuck in their blankets, and do other small things. SCP-XXX has confirmed that this behavior just feels "right" although the person it's done to often describes it as "unnerving".

Addendum: Dr. Rights has requested that all male personnel in contact with SCP-XXX politely refuse advances. (See document XXX-01)

Document XXX-01 "She's an invisible kleptomaniac. When you leave, afterward, you're going to realize three seconds too late that you don't have your keys in your pocket anymore, and you will be held accountable for whatever happens. Besides, the last thing we need is an invisible pregnancy.
-Dr. Rights"

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