Item #: SCP-1XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1XXX is to be kept on a standard hat stand, kept inside a safe that is 10 meters tall, 5 meters in width, and 5 meters in length. Every 2 weeks, level 1 security cleared personnel are to check on the SCP's authenticity, as to assure it has not been tampered with in any way. A live video feed is to be kept on SCP-1XXX at all times.

Description: SCP-1XXX is a standard baseball cap measuring approximately 22 centimeters in length, and 12 centimeters in width.
Exterior: A picture of a human brain is printed across the top. There is a question mark on the button.
Interior: The interior of SCP-1XXX is lined with several wires, activated by pressure, e.g. the pressure of a testing subject's head when SCP-1XXX is placed upon it. The wiring is unknown in nature. The wiring stimulates the testing subject's brain, letting them unlock it's full capacity (this effect only lasts while the subject has SCP-1XXX on his/her head).

Testing is to be held in a 50 cubic meter room. This room is air tight, being filled with oxygen through pipes in the ceiling. The test subject is than able to complete complex mental puzzles with ease. In one instance, a test subject was able to cure [DATA EXPUNGED] within 1 hour with limited supplies.

After an average of 120 minutes has elapsed, the test subject is able to lift small objects, usually under 0.5 ounces, with his/her mind. The longer the duration of wearing SCP-1XXX, the more powerful this ability becomes, being able to lift 0.3 ounces more every [REDACTED] minutes.

After 700 minutes of wearing SCP-1XXX, SCP-1XXX begins to influence the testing subjects thoughts. This includes where to walk, what to say, and [REDACTED]. Like the telekinesis, this effect gets stronger over time. As it goes on, the influence gets increasingly ill-minded. Thoughts of rape, murder, and [REDACTED] are reported to become much stronger over time. When the test subject begins to follow through with these influences, the test administrator cuts off the oxygen in the testing room. After the test subject is fully unconscious, class-D personnel are sent in to retrieve SCP-1XXX, and return in to it's storage area.

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