Adding Pictures And Rating

How do I add a picture?

First go the the bottom of the page and click the word 'files.' This will allow you to upload an image to the wiki. (note: you can give the pic any name you want, but make sure there are no spaces and it ends with a description, such as '.jpg'). Once the file is added, you can view the file by clicking the name of it at the bottom of the page. There you will find the url that hosts the file (you will need this, so save it or just open it in a new window). Next, begin editing the page, you copy and paste this syntax into the first line when editing the page:

[[div style="float:right; margin:0 2em 1em 2em; width:300px; border:0;"]]
|||| [[image COPY-AND-PASTE-IMAGE-URL-HERE width="300px"]] ||

You will replace the words "COPY-AND-PASTE-IMAGE-URL-HERE" with the URL of the pic (make sure there are two SPACES between the URL and the world "width". Add text below the pic by replacing "TEXT-DESCRIBING-THE-PIC" with your own words.

How do I add rating to my page?

You can allow site members to vote on your page by adding the following module to the very top of your article. Copy and paste:

[[module Rate]]

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